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Sara, a princess & free spirit in her own right, has been promised to Pharaoh Amenemhat, but she is not one to go quietly into her duties as a bride & mother of future rulers of Egypt. When Sara & her friend, Sobek, disguise themselves as commoners & venture out, Sara’s journey of the heart begins with a clumsy moment, a chance encounter, & a kiss born out of tradition.

Sara becomes torn between love and duty when she is chosen by the gods to assassinate the father of her beloved. Emperor Titus is the most powerful and ruthless villain in the world. Killing him seems to be her only option but Sara soon finds that there is so much more to the tyrant than meets the eye. Titus takes Sara on a journey through his dark and twisted past and shows her the true burden of his crown of golden leaves. Will Sara be able to follow through with his murder?

Sarah is married to a man she hardly knows & isn’t sure she knows how to love. Matthew, her husband of many years, has not seen her since their union when she was a girl of only eight. Raised in a convent & reunited with her husband, the knight, Sarah is in complete awe of the horrors of battle & the danger in which he must place himself to protect her. When Sarah steps in to save the kingdom from Matthew’s nemesis, she makes a sacrifice far greater than Matthew could ever have expected.

Sarah, a slave in 1850s Missouri, and Matthew, the plantation owner’s son and heir, navigate a deeply romantic relationship at a time when such a connection was as much an improbability as it was impossible.
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