Mature Novels (ages 21+)

WARNING: The following stories contain violence, sex, and offensive language. Not meant for readers who are easily offended or triggered.

I am a car chase and explosions kind of girl but I love romance and drama too. If you desire a romantic story with edge of your seat action, try the mature novels.

Book of Matthew: House of Whispers

Women of color are not a priority of law enforcement in 1800’s Missouri. They are not even considered human. These social injustices allow a serial killer to run rampant. Sarah, a beautiful black slave, finds herself in the crosshairs of a monster who murders with impunity. The only one concerned with her plight is the master’s son. Will Matthew find the strength to rescue this slave girl, even if he lacks the courage to admit he’s in love with her?

Genre: Historical Romance / Horror

$9.99 paperback

Revelations: The Colburn Curse

Read after Book of Matthew. Murder, betrayal, & scandal plague the Colburn family. A curse has shadowed them throughout time. This tale of intrigue follows the Colburns back to where the terror began in New Orleans, Louisiana. Matt Colburn’s duty is to protect an aristocrat named Arial. From the moment they meet, she steals his breath away. They dance and it feels like a brush with destiny, but Arial has a dreadful secret that endangers the lives of everyone she holds dear, especially Matt. Will he be able to save her or will she become the next victim of the Louisiana Strangler…

Genre: Historical Romance / Horror

$9.99 Paperback

Book of Matthew II: Ancient Evil

Matthew and Sarah are at the center of another murder plot as America is ravaged by Civil War. He was a wealthy plantation heir and she was a lowly slave when a forbidden romance sparked between them. Matthew enlists in the war fighting for the freedom of others until he is betrayed, ambushed, and captured. He must discover if this new threat is a repeat of the past or something even darker, an ancient evil…

Genre: Historical Romance / Suspense

$9.99 Paperback

A complex thriller that offers intense romance and suspense.”

Kirkus Reviews

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